Great design is about great functionality. We specialize in creating client and patient-centric environments. We’ll help you create a better future.

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Our Design Philosophy

Sholar Veterinary Architecture, by Architect Ron Sholar, creates solutions far more than designing and building a three-dimensional sculpture for living. We deeply analyze your business as it relates to the goals of the client.

Branding establishes a consistent character of the business from hard goods to people of the company. This CULTURE creates a unique style that is felt by anyone associated with this focused array of great talent.

Potential clients often research an architect’s work to find a “style” of design they like with the idea of retaining that architect to reproduce that design for their own project. What is consistent in our practice is the application of the Design Logic described above. This process allows the formulation of “uniquely appropriate concepts” that respond to specific sites and to the specific goals, objectives, and preferences of our clients.